Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marriage Vows

Marriage vows are impossible
As if two people can foresee
Which would merit a steadfast heart
Despite the circumstances

Foreknowing the pain
and dismal sameness,
Would doubtless send them screaming down the aisle

They have yet to know the true meaning of frustration
Or apathy
Or loneliness

A decades-long study in failed expectations
And deep disappointments
Will leave them lost and adrift

For they want to honor
They will instead endure
They wish to protect
Instead they will watch, helpless, as the other struggles
They think they can cherish
Instead they will question, do I?
Again and again

So they will wait for rare moments
When there is relative peace
And touch needs no words
And all seems well

Their only promised fulfilled...
Will be
To stay

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